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Measures adopted for the safety of everyone in Covid-19 times

  • We reinforced the hygiene of our accommodation and surf school according to the guidelines of the Directorate-General for Health;

  • We limit the number of rooms available or the maximum number of people at Zambeachouse Hostel Paradise in order to avoid crowds;

  • We provide alcohol-based hand sanitizer on each floor next to the entry and exit points of the Hostel, kitchen and school;

  • We provided all personal protective equipment to our employees and gave specific guidelines in order to comply with the internal protocol related to the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak;

  • We condition access to equipment and to some common spaces where there are elements of high contact and difficult to disinfect, such as the use of shared kitchen utensils, games/toys room, as well as we limited the number of people using the pool, in order to avoid points of contagion and agglomerations of guests;

  • Reducing the number of people at breakfast with choice and scheduling in order to guarantee the safety distance between guests. And between each use, cleaning and disinfection of the areas used by them is performed;


  • All common spaces are regularly ventilated and disinfected;

  • There is an internal contingency plan in which the entire Zambeachouse team is able to apply in case of emergency or suspicion;

  • We advise the use of personal protective equipment (mask) whenever they interact with other people in common areas;

  • We advise that visitors are not received in addition to the guests provided for in the reservation;

  • The activities promoted by our school will have a limitation on the number of practitioners per class and instructor;

  • There is sufficient time between the end of one activity and the beginning of the next, in order to avoid the crossing and crowding of customers;

  • We recommend the use of your own material for activities;

  • There can be no sharing of equipment and materials during classes, as well as physical contact between practitioners and instructor;

  • All school equipment, materials and vehicles will be disinfected and sanitized according to the directions of the Directorate-General for Health before and after use, respecting the safety times for the next reuse;


  • Depending on developments in relation to the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, these measures may undergo changes to safeguard everyone's health

~ Enjoy your stay in a safe and healthy way ~

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